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The World`s Most Ultimate Air Matress & Pillow
Our team challenged ourselves to create the best air mattress ever and we believe we've done that! Meet Futo - Fastest Inflation system, Comfortable, Durable, Easy to carry and just look how it looks like!
Water Resistant
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Holds Up to 650 pounds
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Twin XL Size
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Stylish and useful
Futo is a comfortable Twin XL size mattress with headrest made for outdoors, swimming pools or any other situation when you will need to lay down comfortably.

Futo Pillow

The Most Universal Air Pillow. It's ultra portable, inflates with one simple movement,
comfortable and looking great. The Best add-on for Futo Mattress!
Futo Pillow is made out of soft microfiber fabric that is pleasant to the touch, durable, and easy to clean. You can use it outdoor, at home, office, you name it!
Perfect for :
Photo Gallery
pounds can be held
sec you need to inflow Futo
hours it holds the air
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